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Their Nature is to Nurture

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Our staff is not normal, but that's a welcome thing in this day and age! 
Playful, caring and attentive, our staff will put you at ease from the moment you arrive. You'll get a bouquet, a cold something to drink, and a brand new name (since yours will probably get mangled or forgotten anyway) as you disembark.
You'll meet your host Eddy, your hostess Jai and Li Pao (sisters), Teng and Tahm (Jai's niece and nephew), Pikun and Chai (sister-in-law and brother), Mai (childhood friend), Oom and Doy and Baht and Ten (neighbors and friends).
Our staff personifies the kindness of hardworking rural people with humble roots. "Jai dee" is the word for kind, and it literally translates into "good heart." Get ready for a paradigm shift! Their open hearts will disarm and charm you as you get drawn into a whole different world.
each one loves what they do. Your visit truly excites them because it allows them to meet new people and not labor in the fields ( though they'd love to show you what it's like working in the fields or climbing mountains to gather bamboo shoots and you can decide yourself).
We have a kitchen and housekeeping crew that stays behind and another contingent that joins us on our outings. With so many caring souls, it's all rather deluxe.
It's often anxiety-provoking to interact with locals in a foreign land that has a different language, customs, and food, but our staff will put you at ease. By immersing you in their own culture, they can enrich your experience in a way that makes it really hard to leave.
We may not have all the amenities of a five star hotel, but we make up for it with hospitality, heart and soul. Our staff-to-guest ratio is greater than one-to-one even with large groups, so you will be engaged, pampered, and immersed the whole time. 
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