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Total Thai Adventures
47 Moo 19 Khlong Nam Lai, Khlong Lan, Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand 62180

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Seeking adventure is in everybody's DNA, and Total Thai Adventures intends to get you connected to your inner explorer! We offer an active, totally authentic, all-inclusive experience for a modest price, and deliver more value because we own the accommodations that you'll call home, hire friends and family for genuine hospitality, and grow, source, and prepare fresh local food ourselves.

"What a remarkable trip!  After my Phuket and Bangkok legs,  I appreciate even more how unique it was to experience Thailand off the beaten path with you, your family, and troupe." -- Kim

You know you're an exceptionally rare creature when the locals always wave, watch and take photos of you!  It's a unique feeling . . . and a phenomenon we call "reverse tourism."  Kamphaeng Phet is so authentic and unspoiled a destination that some of our guests have come back every year for nearly a decade. 

Most travelers fly right by us on their way to Chiang Mai. Stopover here though, dig a little deeper, and chances are you'll unearth a gem. 

Ancient ruins, rich cultural traditions, verdant landscapes, friendly people, enchanting temples, pristine National Parks, and one of the highest concentrations of rivers and waterfalls in Thailand await your discovery!

Strategically located along major trade and travel routes,  Kamphaeng Phet, literally "Wall of Diamonds," was once an important line of defense against invading Burmese armies. Later it became a favorite playground of Siam's  King Rama V.

Base camp for your adventure is a cozy garden retreat on 1 acre in the small town of Khlong Nam Lai, or "Running River".

Each epic day you'll walk, run, hike, bike, skate, swim, spelunk, and ride fully supported to amazing destinations, make memorable connections with Thai people and the environment, and then return for restorative massage and exquisite Thai food that some say is worth the whole trip!

Discover this inexplicably overlooked part of Thailand and you just might make Total Thai Adventures your yearly migration station!

Kamphaeng Phet city and province is located halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, blissfully off the tourist track. 800 years ago it was already an important defensive town for the Sukhothai empire, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989 .
Eddy's #1 Rated Adventure Destination
While Jai is more grounded to place, Eddy's the world traveler.  Stricken with elemental wanderlust at an early age, he's traveled many roads in his discriminating search for the ultimate adventure travel experience.
He's skated up and down Mount Kilimanjaro, Pike's Peak, Mt. Fuji,  and the Great Pyramid, glided across the Indonesian archipelago, bladed up and over the highest paved road in the world, rolled in the Running of the Bulls,  powered rickshaws around Victoria Harbor and the Taj Mahal, raced camels in Africa, covered vast expanses of frozen lakes and waterways in Holland, circumnavigated Tahiti on inlines, traversed the lava fields of Hawaii, and skated the Great Wall of  China.
After 30 years of perpetual motion in more than two dozen countries,  Eddy finally found a corner of the globe that topped his list, a truly special place on which to focus his quest.
And the winner? Kamphaeng Phet!
Make us #1 on your bucket list. Take it from Eddy. You can bet on Kamphaeng Phet!
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