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Please your palette

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Savor flavor as you embark on a culinary adventure!  Thai food blends flavors and textures so harmoniously in so many ways.

sweet, sour, spicy, savory,

We aim to please each individual palate, and any special dietary requests are cheerfully prepared. Every meal always has a vegetarian selection and vegan dishes are available too. Our kitchen staff takes great care to make it the way you want.

We usually tone down our food a little and leave spicy condiments off to the side so you can add kick yourself.  And if you want it totally Thai, then game on, welcome to eat with the staff!


A selection of breads, omelettes, pasta dishes, cereals, fruits, nuts, and yogurts is also available.

You'll have snacks in your room and there's a coffee station and more things to nosh on in the common area, along with a refrigerator stocked with drinks and more.

The kitchen staff will never let you go hungry. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily. "Eat more!" is a familiar refrain you'll hear from your cooks and servers, who might admonish you to pack it in and make more room by jumping up and down!


When some guests say that the food was "literally worth the whole trip", what more can we say?

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